About Us

The Vision

In today’s web-driven real estate market, media is the new curb appeal. In short, you have as little as 20 seconds to either differentiate your property and build buyer interest or lose a prospect forever. Since 2010, Zoon has been developing and perfecting an approach to real estate media that delivers premium quality, but with the speed and affordability this market demands. Zoon is focused on developing lasting relationships with our clients that extend beyond the services we provide. Our commitment to reliability and quality aims to ensure a partnership with our clients, an invested interest in growth and success.

The team at Zoon is a collection of skilled and professional individuals with a set of diverse expertise.

Our team is brought together by their individual passions, whether it is a keen interest in architecture or unique videography know-how, each professional at Zoon contributes to the premiere product.

When you choose Zoon for your next project, you’ll have access to industry professionals that know how to make your vision a reality. We’ve been providing exceptional service since 2010, and we’re ready to work together when you are!

Our brand is your brand.

When you use Zoon services, we become an extension of your brand and help you to sell properties, and win listings – giving you a competitive edge.

Cutting edge design from creative professionals handpicked by Zoon to deliver results and creating products that shine. The Real Estate business is always changing. Zoon stays current with emerging technologies to make sure that your brand always stays ahead of the pack.

We understand what it takes to build a strong reputable brand.

That is why Zoon strives for best in industry service while maintaining a high standard for the quality of our work. We represent our clients onsite and offsite. To us, this means arriving on time, working efficiently and effectively, and treating everyone with respect.

Being reliable is important to us, and it ensures that our reputation as Calgary’s premium Real Estate marketing company continues to grow and become recognized in the real estate community.

Meet our team

Jamie Bezemer

Operations Manager

Brianne Ippolito

Photography Manager

Luc Dumas


Ryley Konechny


Marissa Poirier


Gabriel Yee

Video Manager

Javid Best

Drone Pilot/3D Specialist

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